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Something Different by FeatheredSeclude Something Different :iconfeatheredseclude:FeatheredSeclude 13 9 Dirt Isn't Something I Want by FeatheredSeclude Dirt Isn't Something I Want :iconfeatheredseclude:FeatheredSeclude 22 11 Ocelet Update IV by FeatheredSeclude Ocelet Update IV :iconfeatheredseclude:FeatheredSeclude 13 4 ''Hero'' by FeatheredSeclude ''Hero'' :iconfeatheredseclude:FeatheredSeclude 26 5 2017: My Art Space by FeatheredSeclude 2017: My Art Space :iconfeatheredseclude:FeatheredSeclude 9 0 How am I Supposed to Hunt... by FeatheredSeclude How am I Supposed to Hunt... :iconfeatheredseclude:FeatheredSeclude 18 8 Torn by FeatheredSeclude Torn :iconfeatheredseclude:FeatheredSeclude 23 4
Torn: Herne and Basilius RP
Word Count: 7847
Herne    || FeatheredSeclude
Basilius || Razzatazz
+5EP for Active RP
+15EP for Word Count
+20EP to Herne and Basilius
The red bobcat was laying on his side in the Tribune Gardens, bored and restless as ever. He was almost an apprentice! He wanted out of this place. He'd been in the Tribune Gardens forever it seemed like… and he was starting to become annoyed. Basilius had gone to various training sessions but they were never very long. The apprentice's always got to do the cool stuff, when was it going to be his turn? Basilius scanning the area looking for Fantasia or Faraji, but he didn't see them. With an exaggerated sigh, Basilius heaved himself onto his paws. He stood there for a moment before an idea struck him. A smirk crawled up on his lips. He'd simply leave and go exploring like he'd done with Fantasia!
The bobcat trotted over to the tree he'd used before to escape. He had to wait for a while, however, because the felines in charge of superv
:iconfeatheredseclude:FeatheredSeclude 0 0
Skipper for Portal by FeatheredSeclude Skipper for Portal :iconfeatheredseclude:FeatheredSeclude 9 3 Cactus Juice Experts CJE by FeatheredSeclude Cactus Juice Experts CJE :iconfeatheredseclude:FeatheredSeclude 17 27
Mid-Conversation Favours
Word Count: 3932
Coya || ticktak22
Rowen || FeatheredSeclude
+5EP for Active RP
+8EP for Word Count
+13EP to Coya and Rowen
How I managed get myself in this situation is one thing I can never understand... the caraffory scolded with himself, I'm just going to keep walking next Royer decides to hunt me down for a favour... he gritted through his teeth, I train... not babysit? Figured I'd agree because he has his own siblings that need watching and that would have been polite... but no... some random cub. the feline rolled his eyes, this is ridiculous...
Rowen was wrapping around the corner of the Tribune Gardens, as a favour for Royer... show Coya around the city some, or some more... whichever it was... the Hunter was not on board with this. Nor had he ever really delt with cubs apart one time keeping them in the Garden's. That nearly got one cat flatten by a crate, so he was amuzed with this terrible turn of events. Last time I ever take up a favour fr
:iconfeatheredseclude:FeatheredSeclude 2 0
Silent Antics
Word Count: 2430
Kei     || ticktak22
Leeland || FeatheredSeclude
+5EP for Active RP
+4EP for Word Count
+10EP for Assignment (Meeting Someone New)
+19EP to Leeland and Kei
Kei yawned from her sleeping spot in the sun. Her grey eyes blinked the sleep from her eyes. Then she stood, stretching while her ears twitched, before letting her eyes adjust to the scene in front of her, she shook her head. A few cubs were about though. She hadn't had much experience with socialising with them, and the den parents were around somewhere, always in close range.
Kei looked around before tilting her head while her tail flicked. With a pondering expression on her face, she slowly padded around poking her nose in the sweet grass. Maybe there was something interesting in here? she thought as her grey eyes searched carefully.
Up and about what was being told as his home, Leeland was trotting about camp, no real desire to interact with the others, since he was not the one to speak. That
:iconfeatheredseclude:FeatheredSeclude 1 0
Why Don't You Grow? by FeatheredSeclude Why Don't You Grow? :iconfeatheredseclude:FeatheredSeclude 25 11 FotL: Aolden Update I by FeatheredSeclude FotL: Aolden Update I :iconfeatheredseclude:FeatheredSeclude 14 14
Ch. 1: An Angered Spirit
Word Count: 3158
Manorah || FeatheredSeclude
Ianite || CheeonyStar
With the sun nearly set in the sky, Manorah was typically one to stay close to where camp was... unless he found something or heard something that struck his interest. This... was one of those times. He was padding far off from camp, he wasn't quite sure where he was... so this was definitely something that was worrying him. He had a sense of direction, but this was when the sun was in the sky. The sun is nearly dropped from the sky, so he was out of his element. So the seven month old cheetah-lynx, padded through the woods he was now in, curious on what he heard was true or not. This rook had an act for both looking out areas... or scouting one would commonly say, and some spiritual acts, shaman-type things, since that is what got him into Roame, and not of Elysian himself. He was given the marking he has today by Roame herself in her mortal form.
"Impious kits!" Ianite hissed to herself.
Her lips curled back in a sn
:iconfeatheredseclude:FeatheredSeclude 2 0
The Darkest Part by FeatheredSeclude The Darkest Part :iconfeatheredseclude:FeatheredSeclude 28 14
"The Cross is offensive.
Because it directly confronts the Evils which dominate in much of this world."
----Billy Graham: The Cross 2014

"If you only do what you can do, you will never become more than you are now."
----In the Words of Shifu of Kung Fu Panda 3


I am looking for some relationships for my small babs!

Friends: yessssssssssss
Partner in stupid adventures: yesss
Rivals: yes
Enemies: not likely
Crush: not likely
If you want to rp with raoul I have two plots that I want to rp! Apart from that he is closed for rps! 

Raoul is slightly afraid of water, as it makes him loose feeling with the ground. He has waded, but never gone for a swim.
You meet him by Lake Deepwater or the river by Shadow. Can you make him confront his fear?
(Cat must be from Shadow (river), Air (Lake Deepwater) or Lightning (both))
- Must be a cat unknown to him.
You meet him somewhere in the territory. He is carrying his bag, which seems to be moving and making weird noises. In the bag is a wild dog, a puppy. Will you have the courage to let him know that he will have to leave it behind? ;A; How will he react? 
- Must be a Lightning cat. 
:iconkaantarell:kaantarell 4 31
Lightning Empire Plains Camp by HoundFlash Lightning Empire Plains Camp :iconhoundflash:HoundFlash 19 3 Halcyon -They'll See- by Rowan-Feather Halcyon -They'll See- :iconrowan-feather:Rowan-Feather 23 38 Dad. No. by Hawkfire11111 Dad. No. :iconhawkfire11111:Hawkfire11111 8 15 Kestrel | The bird kid by Polarfleets Kestrel | The bird kid :iconpolarfleets:Polarfleets 28 64 Arden by Polarfleets Arden :iconpolarfleets:Polarfleets 15 5
An Interesting Meeting || Ice/Hunters
Still currently looking for characters to join!
Not looking for any more characters!
Currently Moosekridge and I are planning a roleplay where my Tolmi and her Griffon can interact a bit more and get a little awkward flirting in. We were hoping that a hunter apprentice or two/ an actual full on hunter could run into the pair as they go on one of their famous adventures, this time to the border. There will be no capture, just a close encounter between the three/four.
Ice Empire: 
Griffon Moosekridge 
Tolmi Rowan-Feather 
Shade red-eye-doll
Time of day: midday
:iconrowan-feather:Rowan-Feather 2 27
Before the Scars by KinuKito Before the Scars :iconkinukito:KinuKito 24 21 EBC: Naomi of Air by xXFoxwillowXx EBC: Naomi of Air :iconxxfoxwillowxx:xXFoxwillowXx 8 4 EBC | Zoom by NeonScarves EBC | Zoom :iconneonscarves:NeonScarves 17 16 get rekked by OneLifeRemaining get rekked :icononeliferemaining:OneLifeRemaining 11 6 Nero from Devil May Cry 4 by bloodyvampire18 Nero from Devil May Cry 4 :iconbloodyvampire18:bloodyvampire18 378 94 Nero-Devil May Cry 4 by Jo-Chen Nero-Devil May Cry 4 :iconjo-chen:Jo-Chen 14,497 755 Amin by Majime Amin :iconmajime:Majime 287 8 My~art~space IC by ICUDO My~art~space IC :iconicudo:ICUDO 1 0 Emotion Chart Meme by EmeraldTokyo Emotion Chart Meme :iconemeraldtokyo:EmeraldTokyo 806 147



Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Artwork of dA ID is by Staniqs!
Give them some love and check out their page and account for commissions~

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Hello, I am FeatheredSeclude!
I have other names I go, but surprise me.
I really love drawing, I have been deep into drawing since sixth grade. I have been drawing since sixth grade fluentially, but didn't begin uploading until late 8th grade.
I can tend to explain somethings bizarrely/incorrectly, so I apologize that.
I am Messianic Jewish. I know a lot people hate/bash the belief. Most people go by what Wikipedia says. Not everything on the web is true. I have been Messianic my whole life. We do most of the traditional Jewish customs, minus the fact we do believe in Jesus Christ, like Christians do. But we still hold to traditional Jewish customs.

Likes: drawing, felines and canines, listening to and playing music, rainy days/coldish weather, an honest artist
Dislikes: schoolwork, bugs, poorly done music, bright sunny/hot days, art theft, being dismissed

Other Places to Find Me

.: Skype Name :.
Juanra Young (FeatheredSeclude)
.: Discord Account :.
Feathered Seclude #137

22 years (260 full moons)
Gender | S.O.:
Male | Straight (as it should be)
Zodiac Symbol:
Birth Element:
Fire (prefer Ice and Lightning)
Fall (Cold and Dry)
Birth Colour:
Animal Sign:
Centaur; Tiger
Spiritual Belief:
Messianic Judaism




That background though... Then you have the characters up in front with dirt flying around. Looks pretty dang epic! The character thems...

As for what the image's first impression shows, you got a young cat who has just wrestled a huge whopper of a fish out the pond and ont...

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